How A Fence Can Deter Criminals

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Every year, there are millions of homes that get broken into and or encounter a criminal close or nearby their property. According to Credit Donkey, reports show that on average, there are about 1.03 million home invasions that take place every year. Also, there are about more than 3.7 million homes that are robbed annually in America, which is equal to about 7 homes every single minute that passes by. Home invasions and robberies can be extremely terrifying for the average family. You never know what to expect. There have also been reports that there has been a significant amount of robberies that have taken place where someone happen to be present during the event of the robbery. Imagine one of your children being home when you are not there and the horrors of what could happen when they happened to be home with a criminal breaking into your home. It is important to make sure that you are taking preventive measures in preventing a criminal from getting into your home and property. Having a secure chain link fence is one of the ways that you can actually deter and discourage criminals from selecting your home as their next target home. 

According to Safewise, studies show that more than 34 percent of criminals enter a home through the front door of a home. Surprisingly, more than 30 percent of criminals also enter a home through a door that is unlocked or a window that happens to be unlocked. Criminals also like to break into homes that are going to be a breeze for them. They look for homes that do not have things that are going to prevent them from having an easy break-in. Criminals like to perform their break-ins as quickly as possible to prevent themselves from getting caught. For example, they like to avoid homes that have gates and fences, since it takes extra work to get over them. Also, fences are a good way to discourage them. When criminals look for their next target home, they scout the neighborhood looking for the quickest an disease outbreak-in. When they see that you have a secure fence, they are less motivated to choose your home out of all the homes that they see. 

The idea behind setting up a fence around your home and property is privacy and security. You don’t want anyone walking onto your property doing their own observations and exploring your property. A gate will prevent unwanted guests and visitors from stepping foot on your property, making your property that much more secure. There are so many contractors out there that allow you to have a professional gate or fence installed around your home and property at affordable rates. Conduct an online search for: chain link contractors fort myers fl

Your safety of your home and your property should be one of your top priorities. Consider installing a fence around your property so that you can ensure that your home and property has some sort of protection. Preventative measures are key to preventing a break-in or home invasion from occurring to you.

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