Why We Should Protect Our Environment

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We really have to consider the ramifications of our actions when it comes to what we do the environment. If we are not careful, we can seriously mess up the land people have to live on. The ramifications of fracking serve as good reasons for why we have to try to not to seriously mess up the environment. By digging into the ground for oil, companies have disrupted local areas of bedrock. As a result, oil as leached into other areas of the ground and local water sources. This has created a situation where local water supplies have become tainted. There have even been stories of flammable water coming out of people’s faucets. Fracking and mining have also resulted in the formation of dangerous sinkholes above ground. Situations have occurred in which companies mined/fracked under people’s private properties without their consent, resulting in massive sinkholes occurring on those properties. There is a whole debate about whether companies should be able to frack/mine horizontally under private properties. 

Fostering Habits 

Our pollution habits are tied in with other habits that degenerate us as human beings. For example, the fact that we throw away so many things that harm the environment alludes to our culture of materialism and our lack of respect for issues where more respect is needed. Everything in our society has to be newer, shinier, better and trendy. Everything that’s perceived as old—that old car, those old clothes, our older relatives—is literally and/or figuratively thrown in the trash can. Our abuse of the environment is heavily tied in with the abuse of ourselves and the abuse of each other. Something as simple as finding the right dumpster service Chicago IL can foster more care and consideration. 

The World Becoming Less Attractive 

Let’s face it, the world looks less attractive when we abuse and neglect it. When we cut down and destroy environments, those things are no longer around to appreciate. The biodiversity that makes our planet so beautiful goes away. When we throw dispose of litter the wrong way, or when we dispose of too much litter, the world starts to look like a pile of littler. The sight of a garbage dump is very unsightly and unsettling. Garbage randomly thrown on the ground just doesn’t look good. The smells of oil and chemicals wafting though the air are not nice. 

Animals Suffer 

When we completely disregard the well-being of the environment, animals that are perfectly healthy and not initially in harm’s way suffer. The production non-biodegradable packages and disposable items leads to animals getting caught caught in them and suffering drawn out deaths. Some people might not feel that this issue is worth batting an eyelash at. However, it is for a number of reasons. First off, people should consider how the would feel if they were subjected to that kind f experience. Secondly, when animals die off because of ridiculous reasons, the food chains become disrupted. These food chain disruptions can somehow lead to disruptions in human industries.

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