A Brief History And Guide To Flooring

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We as humans are acclimated to walking and moving around on the ground. For homeowners this puts into perspective what it is exactly that they would like to be walking and moving around on. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to flooring because then there’s an applicable market set up for those who wish to improve their flooring and homes altogether. With timber decking northern beaches this is done easily with a certain type of material that will be described later on in this article. Some curious things we will be discussing involve the history of flooring and how the installation process happens when putting in a new floor. 

What is timber decking exactly? Well according to Wikipedia timber decking involves the usage of different wooden materials to constitute a floor suited for livability. Using any substance of timber could be used for this endeavor and the reasons behind even creating this floor would be either for articeture purposes or simply for the aesthetic qualities of being able to walk on a wooden floor each day in ones home. There is also a such thing as contructing flooring from bamboo and it is often considered a wooden material, even though we all know it is technically a grass based material. 

What is the curious history of wooden floors? Well hard wood floors were never implemented until the nineteenth century due to innovation restorations we as a species have not able able to overcome until quite recently. According to an edifying document wood flooring prior to its evolution mainly consisted of big wooden blocks that would be used to provide the basic necessities of a floor which is to hold the weight of the individual who is standing and walking around on the floor. This old method of use for flooring caused a few significant issues with one of them being the fact that the wood would warp and thus cause the flooring to shrink in size. This would create holes for small objects to fall through the wooden cracks of the floor boards. To fix this back in the day with flooring people would set up the boards so that they overlapped each other so that whenever shrinking of the wood would occur the underlying layers of wood would keep any small objects from falling beneath the building or home. 

How does one install a hard wood floor? It is one of the easier projects of constructing a house but takes over a day to complete in its entirety. It will require the basic tools most people are familiar with such as a hammer, saw, and drill. The first step would be to mark the width of the floor boards while augmenting three fours of an inch to create space for ones first floor board. After this felt paper needs to be thrown down onto the floor before drilling anything in. Then the rest is very straight forward which basically involves predrilling the holes and scattering the various floor boards into random patterns to create a good visual quality to the finished flooring project.

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