Advance air purifier and corona virus

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The coronavirus pandemic is getting worse all around the world. There are different theories related to the coronavirus spread. So because of these theories, people start wondering about the role of air purifiers in the case of the coronavirus.

The advancement in technology always brings ease in human life. Whenever scientists invent anything new it will revolutionize mankind. In the past, we see plenty of innovations that change the shape of the whole world.

But at that time these things are invented in the very basic design and simple features. But now these things are available in the most advanced form. A scientist keeps bringing advancements in these products as time passes.

Whenever a new product came into the market it is the most advanced form in its self at that time. But as time passes we see with the help of research and development humans keep on advancing these products to get better results. The same happened in the case of an air purifier.

Air purifiers:

In the beginning, these air purifiers came up with a simple design and very basic features. In the beginning, they are available in huge sizes with very little power. If you want an air purifier that can clean the air of a small room it is available in huge size.

In the beginning, they are available with simple filters. But now we see the latest filters range in air purifiers. Now we see seven filter layers in a single purifier. These filters can clean air up to 99 percent.

They are available in the best portable sizes now. You can move it from one room to another room quite easily. It all because of its new advanced low weight design with maximum output.

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Advanced features of air purifiers:

There are several different advanced features available in today’s air purifiers. These are not available in old versions. In advanced air purifiers, we can find the option of sensor features. So what these sensors do is make your air purifier work automatically and efficiently.

Whenever sensors note any change in environment related to pollution it automatically on the purifier. After that, it will adjust the all other features according to the environment.

Corona Virus

So with the help of so advanced features and technology can air purifier help in case of coronavirus. The answer is no because the most advanced air purifier can extract the polluted particle from the air till the size of 0.3 microns.

But as we all know the size of the coronavirus is about 0.125 micron. That cannot be filtered with existing technology. But we can say that after some time with proper R&D our scientist became able to invent something which can capture the coronavirus as well.

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