Clean Energy Straight From Your Sewage

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When you think of sewage first thought that comes to mind is “How nasty it is and what good is it for?” For a while human waste has been processed through sewage plants, dried and made into biosolid by being taken to a landfill or transformed into fertilizer or mulch. This process uses a lot of energy, resources and puts out of harmful carbon emissions. A survey on sewage treatment plants showed they produced over 7 million tons of bio waste a year and landfills are filling up. Also, there is a potential risk in the fertilizer that is made could still contain harmful chemicals that can affect the environment and humans. 

Researchers have done studies discovering a purple type of bacteria that is found in sewage. This purple bacterium breaks down the material in sewage and has the ability to be turned into energy. Researchers have used different experiments on the purple bacterium that manipulates their energy and metabolism. This speeds up the process of breaking down sewage more efficiently and turning it into hydrogen gas which can be used for fuel. For many years they have been finding out ways to extract these beneficial bacteria from the sewage system

How Can Purple Bacteria Help the Environment?

It’s a proven fact that today’s problems with sewage treatment faculties are the carbon emissions and how much power it takes to break down the waste. Researchers have determined when a slight electrical current is used on the purple bacteria it creates more pure photosynthesis. This means it captures energy by using nitrogen gas and the organic molecules. This is more ideal in transforming the sewage into biofuel with or without outputting harmful carbon emissions. This means the special purple bacteria absorb greenhouse gases and takes our sewage transforming it into a clean source of energy. 

How it Works Turning Sewage into a Valuable Asset 

There are two methods used in turning human waste into clean energy. The first method used is simply taking the human waste and microwaving it into dried pellets. These dried pellets are then run through an electrical current which produces vapors and transformed into number two diesel fuel. This diesel fuel burns a lot cleaner than the old method because the mixture has a less amount in particulates and harmful greenhouse gases. 

Another process used is turning the solid waste into a gas. This process produces methane gas which is then contained and burned to operate the generators that send electricity to grids. Just one of these generators requires thirty tons of dry sewage waste this generates enough methane gas to produce enough electricity. This process of human waste is a more efficient way of waste management. There are great benefits from these methods. This process keeps from any harmful byproducts and helps the levels of carbon dioxide. So needless to say instead of filling up the landfills with waste slowly decomposing and releasing methane gas into the air it can be used for clean energy.

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