Designed to Protect Against the Elements

Fear not. The magnificent science that goes into the world class, high performance, not simply plastic enclosures available for expert installations to protect highly sensitive equipment, has already been done. These enclosures are, for lack of a better term, boxes. Yes, that’s right, a simple polycarbonate box with lid that isn’t so simple. 

Far from a mere plastic box, the sophisticated polymers and methods of producing them are hinted at in the title of this article. Since the applications of these enclosures are so critical, every detail is researched and scrutinized so that the components being protected, are protected. The applications include but are not limited to the protection of: 

  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Relay junctions
  • Switches
  • Measurement equipment
  • Emergency storage

The uses are myriad and are limited only by the imagination. Since the uses are so varied, custom designs are easily fabricated as per each client’s specifications, to perfectly fit singularly unique situations. Again, the full range of standard products can be tailored and fitted to anything. 

This high-end product is meant for professional installation only. Each client knows exactly what they want, and what they want will be provided with skill and expertise and professionalism second to none. This is a next level business model which caters to specialized areas, of which there is a broad spectrum of industries ranging from recreation to advanced off shore oil production platforms. 

The construction of each unit is closely monitored and quality control for each box and enclosure is above industry standard, due to the important nature of the product itself. This high level of quality keeps customers returning, and repeat business is a mark of excellence for any business model. Industrial, non-metallic enclosures are a niche market, and the top manufactures only reach the top backed by a rich history and a solid foundation of good people who are experts in their field. 

When it comes to protecting your valuable electronic components from the elements, researching the finest products you can find is highly recommended, because if the research is done thoroughly, you invariably settle for the highest quality. Whether it has to be waterproof, temperature resistant, UV radiation resistant, nonconductive, shock resistant and/or secure, the high end industrial enclosure will fit the bill. And as mentioned before, the customization is beyond what most expect, and the craftsmen responsible for the custom fitting of an enclosure are part of a team, each of whom can only be defined as artists, to be sure. They meet and exceed exacting government standards and quite possibly set standards of their own. 

Those who seek these tough boxes (enclosures) are, of course, in the know, and will settle for nothing less than the best possible products. When providing for such a high-level demand, top experts are required.


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