Explore the Different Kind of Tote Bags

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You would find many brands giving away tote bags with free gifts for business promotion. It is brilliant marketing strategy that does not cost you much, but increases the customer good will.  Apart from brand promotion, tote bags are quite popular for being both functional and stylish. Various brands have come up with different shapes and sizes, designs, colors and material for tote bags. You would never be disappointed with the collection.

There are numerous possibilities for the use of tote bags. Usually cloth or nylon tote bags are durable than other materials like paper or plastic. You would never find any other bag serving so many purposes as tote bags – right from grocery shopping to gifting away goodies.

There are companies, which produce custom bags and distribute them in bulk orders. It is very cost-effective for brands to order wholesale reusable bagsfrom experienced companies like Custom Earth Promos. You can rest assured that all their products are of high quality and made up of 100 percent recycled and eco-friendly material. This eco-friendly company in Florida, USA specializes in custom bags and has over 10 years of experience in this field.

Let’s check out some of the types of tote bag –

Canvas Totes

The canvas materials are very durable and appropriate for printing. Therefore, it comes in vivid colors, sizes and styles. It has long time customer base as it never goes out of fashion. You can pair up a canvas tote with both casual and formal attire. Moreover, they do not cost much.

Beach Tote Bags

It is convenient to carry a large bag with few pockets to wrap up all your essentials. You don’t want to carry much luggage with you, but also want to be prepared with basic requirements to enjoy your day in the beach. Moving around would be much easier if you just put it in a large jute or cotton tote bag.

Jute Tote bags

Jute bags are environment-friendly and you can easily maintain it. You just need to wash it and dry it properly without wringing. Not much care is needed. You can go grocery shopping without worrying about the weight.

Non-woven Bags (Recycled)

Small reusable non-woven bags are one of the best alternatives to plastic bags. You can gift sweets, chocolates and toys to children during festivities in these bags separately.

Picnic Bags

There are also tote bags specifically made for picnics. The design considers the factor that you have to use separate pockets or slots for foods, drinks and cutlery. Therefore, it has multiple slots and can carry a large number of items. Usually, it uses polyester to make it sturdy. You can adjust the strap according to your requirement.

Leather Work Bags

These work tote bags come in medium sizes with enough compartments to carry your laptop, stationeries, basic personal essentials, wallet and even a change of clothes and shoes. Although you may carry so many things in a bag, it should look stuffy. These totes also have few small pockets on the other side.

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