How to Grow Your Christian Faith

Christians know that loving God, worshipping Him, and following the ways, He set in the Bible are the basics of Christianity. Life often distracts us from our purpose and faith takes a backseat to other obligations and priorities. Living life as a Christian has many complex implications and societal norms. Instead of basing your expected life off of others, don’t bother keeping up with the Jones’, focus on improving your relationship with God and others while making a positive impact on those around you.

Strengthening Your Faith

Everyone begins a new spiritual life when they become a Christian. The small seedling that faith begins as needs tending to grow stronger. Attending church regularly is important for feeding your spiritual health. These services offer encouragement, Biblical insight, and positive influences. Joining a small group at your church can help you learn and grow significantly by making Christian connections, learning about other’s testimonies, and sharing your own personal story. These steps may seem simple, but the rewards are many.

Finding Purpose

A ship without a course is doomed to drift aimlessly. People are the same way. They need direction to fully thrive and live up to their potential. Christian purpose can give life a new meaning. First, think about what you are truly passionate about. Next, think about what your loved ones and friends have to say. How many times has someone said that you’d be great at something? Perhaps the thing you are passionate about or what others call a strength may be what God is calling you to do. There is no quick answer, unfortunately, but it is a way for you to prayerfully walk in faith towards a new goal.

Give Up Your Pretenses

Everyone has ‘walls’ built up to protect themselves emotionally. People are afraid that if others knew their flaws they would be rejected. As a result, true feelings, characteristics, and likes are hidden away from the world. Think of high school where you were likely like most of us that tried to be popular by changing yourself. God tells us that we are all wonderfully unique and the sooner we become honest with ourselves about who we are the more mature we get in our faith. Letting your true self free is the equivalent of dropping a huge burden- there is incredible relief afterward.

Growing personally as a Christian is all about the maturity process. You can grow in your faith by attending church and joining a small group. In this process, you will begin to search for your purpose in life by learning about yourself and setting new personal goals. Finally, you must begin the process of self-acceptance by letting go of pretenses. AS you grow and develop as a Christian you will be better suited to be a mentor to other people starting out on their faith journey. Christianity is more than just a title, it is a lifestyle of serving others and focusing on God.

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