Perfect Vacation Home and Garden Areas

Whenever we go off on vacation, we’re always looking out for what types of amenities resorts and hotels have because that’s how we base whether or not the place will be worth staying at. I’ve been traveling for several years, so I know how to spot a nice place to stay by now. It takes plenty of attractive amenities to get my attention. A pool is great, but if that’s all the hotel offers in terms of entertainment, then I’d rather keep looking. 

I need to find a beautiful place for us to stay next July when we travel across the country to stay with my wife’s parents. I’d like to find some place that is worth mentioning, since my father-in-law and mother-in-law will likely see the place we’re staying. It should look like it belongs in a coffee table book about beautiful homes and gardens. 

The best places that I’ve found to stay while traveling are often similar to the set up we have at our home. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time designing the garden and outside courtyard areas that surround our house. You can imagine how much money I’ve invested in the appearance of our home’s exterior. When we travel, I need to find something that is on par with what we’re used to. We’re too old now to downgrade when we get on the road. I need to find a place to stay that has a spa, or a steam shower. Those types of facilities really impress my wife, so I’ll be happier if she is happy with where we’re staying. 

I made the mistake one time of renting a home for our vacation without considering the types of amenities it had. It was a large house that was close to the city we wanted to visit. The commute was easy, and the views from the house were perfect. We took in some lovely sunsets that week; I’ve never seen canyons lit up that beautiful in all my life, and I was raised near the desert valleys. However, the types of amenities offered at the house were awful. They were there in the pictures of the place, and we saw them when we got to the house, but they were off limits to renters. We checked the advertisement that we were looking at online, and sure enough, it listed the amenities as off-limits to renters. 

We’re more careful when we rent these days because we want to make sure we’re happy with the home and garden areas where we’re staying. That was a long time ago when we made that mistake. We’re very selective about where we put our heads at night these days. I’d rather spend time talking to the owner of the home we’re renting to make sure that the place is as lovely as the pictures make it seem. If the owner says the house and gardens are impressive and the amenities are for us to use, then we’ll take the offer.

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