Quick Training, Good Pay: 6 Careers Tracks

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Not all high-paying, fulfilling careers require a college degree. Trade schools, certificate programs and specialty training can launch your career in months. With such variety, you are almost sure to find a profession you love. Here are six of the top fields.


Becoming a doctor can take eight or more years of school, but many medical jobs involve training for two years or less. A respected Texas EMT course can last just 11-12 weeks and can lead to a career in medical or emergency services.

Other relatively short certification programs include medical coding and billing, dental assistance or nutrition. You can become a technician in radiology, phlebotomy, ultrasound or nuclear medicine.

Personal Care

This is one of the few fields that is all but immune to outsourcing and artificial intelligence. People will always need local providers to perform personal services. Earn a cosmetology license and you can become a nail Blogger Outreach Services Provider, hairstylist or permanent makeup artist. Other personal care professions include massage therapists and personal trainers.

Information Technology

If you understand computers, like troubleshooting and know how to explain things to people, you may be a born IT support specialist. If you tend to be more creative and artistic, you may thrive with a career in web design.


Does the open road call to you? Answer the call with a commercial driver’s license. Deliver goods locally or haul containers coast to coast. You will need schooling and hours of experience behind the wheel of various vehicles; then you need to pass your state’s test.

You may qualify to become a limousine driver or chauffeur with no CDL — just a clean driving record — depending on where you live. There may be no other mandatory training, but completing a chauffeuring course can enhance your professional reputation.

Real Estate

Real estate school can take from a few months to a year. After completing school, you must also take a state exam to earn your license. Use your license as a sales agent or a property manager.

Investing in real estate requires initial startup funds, but no license or formal schooling. You may fix up and resell homes, called flipping property. Alternatively, you can earn a monthly income by becoming a landlord. You need to understand tenant-landlord laws in your state; it may help to get legal advice as you enter the field.


You do not need any specific education to open your own business. Bloggers and influencers make money by becoming absorbed in a hobby, then telling the world about it on social media. If you are talented in artistic fields such as photography, animation or interior design, create a portfolio and get to work.

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