What to Know Before Renting a Private Event Venue

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If this is your first time choosing a private event venue it can be very difficult to choose which one will fit all of your needs. There are many things to go over when choosing one of these venues. Before choosing a venue, make sure there is a solid event plan. The better the plan, the better able you will be able to choose a venue. 

One of the first key considerations when renting a venue is the location. While obvious, picking the best location for your event is critical. Some things to consider when picking a venue is proximity to hotels, and airports. If the attendees are traveling, making sure that these accommodations are close makes it much easier for the guests. Along with location, the parking attached is also vital. Securing parking for attendees, or another form of transportation to the event is something important to consider. If lot space can’t be secured, peer to peer ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft can be arranged. Some of these ride sharing platforms can offer discounts for events. 

Another key thing to consider when planning an event is the capacity of the venue. The max capacity of a venue goes beyond just comfortability for the guest, but also safety. So breaching that max capacity would also be breaching fire and safety codes. 

When looking at venues the amenities can be a big draw. Things like a sound system, and other electronics are sometimes included. But if not that is something the organizer would need to provide. If there is going to be music, or any sort of presentation the acoustics of the venue is something to consider. Does the venue have a kitchen, and offer catering, along with servers? If not some venues have contracts in place with caters that would require you to use them. Does the venue offer set-up and clean-up services? Anything that the venue doesn’t cover has to be planned for in the budget. 

Insurance is another thing to consider as well as plan for. Many venues expect and will even refuse service without it. Insurance can be expensive and take a while to set up. It’s important to plan ahead for the event, to make sure things like the insurance are well covered. Venue’s will appreciate it, and makes your event look much more formal. 

Budgeting for the venue space its self can be a challenge. Depending on the services included and city you are in, will make the price fluctuate. For example private event venue services queens ny will cost anywhere from $500 – $800 for 40 people. 

Planning an event for the first time can be very difficult. With the event being surrounded by the venue in which it takes place, it is important to pick the right one. Planning for the services can add stress, but might be cheaper than the venues provided services. Lot’s of planning is the key to organizing an event of any type and size. Giving the organizer enough time to get everything in place will help your event run smoothly.

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