Thinking Outside The Cardboard Box

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Mixed race woman hiding in cardboard box

It was a beautiful spring afternoon and my boss had called me into her office to tell me I was being promoted. I almost leaped out of the chair when she said I would be the head of our marketing department at the home office. I was practically floating back to my desk as I began imagining what my new office would look like. I even began picturing the new clothes I would buy in order to live up to my new prestigious position. I wondered what my new coworkers would be like and who I’d meet in my new city. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, the huge smile on my face quickly melted into a frown accompanied by a long sigh. I would have to move. 

Moving is something that most of us have done at least once in our lives and it ‘s something that most of us hate. It is tedious, strenuous, and any other -ous suffix with a negative connotation. You never seem to realize just how much stuff you actually have until it’s time to move. It’s almost as if the more things you pack, the more things seem to appear. 

As I began to pack my entire life into cardboard boxes, I realized there was no way I would be able to fit all of my things into my new apartment. While it was great that my new position also came with a corporate apartment, my future, extremely, humble abode would by no means accommodate all of my possessions. By the looks of the stacks of boxes in the living room, it was clear that I would need a storage unit. 

I pulled out my laptop and searched any self storage services elkhart in, only to find that picking a storage facility wasn’t as simple as I assumed. There were a few factors I had to consider, the first being size, which I wasn’t so sure of. So, that lead to another Google search since I had no idea how to choose. My new apartment was fully furnished, so I found that a medium-sized storage unit would do the trick. However, since I would be storing my things for an extended period of time, it was better to go with a larger size unit for ventilation. 

After doing a little price checking, I finally settled on a storage company. As I finished packing my boxes, I realized that I was unsure how to pack certain things inside of the unit such as my furniture and television. After yet another Google search and a quick thank you prayer for the internet, I was able to get some helpful tips on properly packing, not only my storage unit but my belongings as well. 

It’s funny that something which seems so simple actually requires a lot of thought to detail, planning and configuring. Even when it comes to placing your belongings inside the unit itself, placement is important for the efficiency of space as well as ease of access. However, this experience has taught me that with proper planning and organization, moving, just like many other things in life, can be done with ease.

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