How EXAMS EXAMSOFT Can Benefit Educators

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ExamSoft provides educators with actionable data that will help them better understand students, course materials, and exam quality. ExamSoft’s features include the ability to tag exam items into categories, delivery of exams via Examplify, and multiple report types.


Turnitin and ExamSoft have announced a partnership, giving educational institutions the flexibility they need to deliver assessments at every level. Together, the two companies provide comprehensive solutions for ensuring exam integrity, streamlining grading workflows, and improving learning experiences. Both companies provide support for educators and students in a variety of settings, including colleges, universities, and industry-specific organizations.

The ExamSoft software allows educators to map exam items to specific course outcomes and accreditation criteria. This saves time for faculty, administrators, and staff. This allows educators to identify curriculum gaps and improve the overall learning experience.

Review of the product

ExamSoft is a cloud-based software that is used to administer online assessments. It features tools for creating exams, delivering them to students, and managing student accounts. This software also offers learning analytics and data-driven decisions. As a result, it has the potential to have a profound impact on the exam process and student learning, engagement, and retention.

ExamSoft is an important tool for educational institutions and government organizations. It allows educators to easily administer assessments and review results without the need for technical skills. It also helps prevent cheating by automatically closing all open programs on student computers. It also logs keystrokes to reduce the risk of exam fraud. Its results provide a great deal of information regarding students’ performance, including which questions were answered correctly and which ones were incorrect. In addition, it lets educators automatically rate assessments and add comments to specific questions.

Item analysis report

The Item Analysis Report is a powerful feature of the EXAMS EXAMSOFT software that helps teachers determine the performance of exam questions. It can be used to improve the difficulty of exams, and it can also provide valuable feedback to students. The report is available for every question type and can be run at any point, although incomplete exams will not be included.

The report includes a number of statistics that can help educators identify high and low performers. It can also help identify students who are not mastering the material.

Remote proctoring

Using remote proctoring is a convenient option for administering exams. Unlike traditional on-campus proctoring, it allows for the privacy of each exam taker. The service uses a digital assessment platform and is available anywhere, including on mobile devices. Because there’s no need for physical proctors, remote proctors can be on-call whenever and wherever an exam is needed.

To use remote proctoring, the test-taker must install a temporary application on their PC. This application allows the proctor to view their system settings and monitor activity on the student’s computer. This will ensure that no unauthorized programs or other devices are on the student’s computer. Additionally, the proctor can monitor the student’s screen using a mirror. Moreover, any suspicious behavior is captured in video and photos.

Reports for instructors, administrators, and students

Amplify’s reports feature provides quantitative data on student and teacher performance. The system breaks down student and teacher login data into categories such as proficiency and professional learning activity. School administrators can also choose a specific school district to view detailed reports. The Activity Report includes detailed student and teacher login activity as well as activities within a specific teacher’s class. It can also be filtered by date.

Student progress reports provide a snapshot of a student’s performance against national and state norms. This information can be used to plan differentiated instruction and scaffolding. Additionally, a report showing a class’s performance for a term provides a norms status ranking. It is helpful for analyzing student needs and motivating students to improve their grades and achieve their goals.

Cost of the product

Increasing costs are a common concern for educational institutions, and ExamSoft can help ease the burden by making assessment processes more efficient. The company’s integrated assessment platform allows educational programs to deliver exams electronically, enabling them to reduce costs and increase student retention. Furthermore, it helps educational programs minimize the time and money spent on reporting and remediation.

ExamSoft has flexible pricing options, including monthly subscriptions and one-time payment plans. Prices vary according to the number of users and the scale of operation. The cost of EXAMS EXAMSOFT depends on the size of the institute, but it is often very affordable for most educational institutions. The software also comes with built-in security measures and includes unlimited storage of questions. Educators can also benefit from the system’s self-executive grading system for MCQs and T/F questions.

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