Time To Knock This One Off The Bucket List!

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Everyone sort of has a bucket list. They are all different too. You can be one who loves art, and wants to see museums all around the world. There are the garden enthusiasts who want to see magnificent gardens all around the world. Some people are even roller coaster enthusiasts, and must ride every new or old coaster there is. Foodies love to try every “local” favorite throughout the states. Then there are your extremists. They love the thrill of ultimate experiences, somewhat death defying. 

Extreme sports seekers get the “ultimate thrill” in terrifying activities. These include bungee jumping off bridges, hang gliding, mountain climbing (Mt. Everest), skydiving, and more. Hiking can be quite strenuous, and you must be in great physical shape, as well as healthy, because it takes a lot out of you. The rest of the activities mentioned earlier are not as much of a concern. Granted there are some concerns, such as your health. It’s not recommended to do any of these with a bad heart, for obvious reasons. 
None of these activities should be done, without proper research. You really have to know what you are getting yourself into, before taking “the plunge”. Learn everything you can first, about the activity, and what it entails, then seek out a place to do it. So, now you have decided, you want to skydive. This is a very exciting experience. You always wanted to know, how it felt to be like a bird, just gliding through the air. There are beginning programs, where you have an assistant attached to you, then there are solo dives. What a great thing to do, that you will always remember. So, where do you go? 

Most of the states in the country are limited to jumping times, due to seasonal weather, but you can still find some spectacular places to go in Winter. California is one of the most sought after locations to freefall. The Rocky Mountains are extremely beautiful, as well as the Pacific Ocean coastline. You have decided on California, now it is time to search accelerated free fall ca

Actually accelerated free falling is for people wanting to skydive alone, without an assistant attached to them. This is for people who have already jumped a few times with a trained assistant. Now it’s time to go it alone. You will want to research and find a good company that is certified and will take the time to train you correctly. It usually takes about 5-6 hours, then you start taking jumps. These are not done alone, instructors go with you, but hold your arms, and make sure you have the ability to pull your parachute loose. It usually takes about three jumps, depending on each individual student. Once you master the “pilot chute”, you are good to go solo, hence you will be “flying solo”, in no time. Have fun on this great adventure of a lifetime! 

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